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Student Assignment Timeline


2017-2018 Student Assignment Timeline                       




Beginning March 23, the 2017-2018 RCS Request for Reassignment form is available for student requesting transfers for the next school year.  Applications will be available on March 23, at 8:00 a.m.


Transfer Guidelines

   Requests for transfers are reviewed and appropriate decisions made based on reason(s) for request and space availability in requested school.

   Requests for Reassignment should be made between March 23 and May 1.

   No more than one reassignment request per student will be granted each year.

   Approved reassignment requests are for one year only; subsequent transfer must be requested

each year.

  Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school for reassigned students.

  The Operations and Logistics Office may rescind a reassignment if the student has problems with behavior, tardiness or unexcused absences. If the reassignment was granted for specific academic programs, the student must meet the expectations of that program in order to continue participation and the reassignment.

·    Further details on student reassignment may be found in the Board Policy at






March 22, 2017

Applications are delivered to schools and Central Office


March 23, 2017

Schools and/or Central Office to distribute applications to students and parents. Applications should not be distributed until 8:00 a.m.  All applications should be sent to Jessica Isley.  Applications will be time stamped and dated upon receipt in Central Office. Applications received from schools by courier will be dated at 12:00 noon on date received.

By Tuesday,         April 18, 2017

Applications are due for employees.

By Monday,

May 1, 2017

All applications due.  Applications received after May 1, 2017 will be placed on a waiting list.


June 6, 2017

Last day of school - All students enrolled in Rockingham County Schools will receive school assignment on the report card according to the district in which they live.  

Wednesday,             June 7, 2017

Student assignment letters will be mailed for applications received by May 1.

By – Friday,   September 1, 2017

Student assignment letters will be mailed out for applications that are received after June 7, 2017 and on waiting list.


*Dates are subject to change due to inclement weather and/or make-up days.