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Flu Advisory: Be Informed and Practice Good Hygiene


Flu Season Ahead Practicing good hygiene is important in preventing colds or any type of flu from spreading. Keep tissues handy, and cover mouths when coughing or sneezing. Avoid sharing glasses, water bottles, drinks, spoons/forks, etc. Wash hands as often as possible throughout the day for at least 20 seconds each time, and dry thoroughly (use of hand sanitizer may not be effective). Clean commonly used surfaces such as door handles, handrails, eating surfaces, desks, etc., frequently with approved disinfectant.

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Flu Information:


What Parents Need to Know about the Flu

Cover Your Cough- English

Cover Your Cough- Spanish

Good Health Manners- English

Good Health Manners- Spanish

Germ Stopper- English

Germ Stopper- Spanish

Enterovirus D68 Information:

here for information regarding the respiratory virus Enterovirus D-68 (the best prevention for this virus is hand washing and practicing good hygiene - at this time, there are no vaccines for this virus)!