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RCS Names School-Based Teachers, Beginning Teacher of the Year and Classified Employees of the Year

June 18, 2018


School-based Teachers of the Year, Beginning Teacher of the Year and Classified Employees of the Year for Rockingham County Schools have been elected by their fellow faculty members for the 2018-19 school year.


The 2018-2019 School-Based Teachers of the Year from each school are:


Elementary Schools:

Caitie Witherspoon - Bethany Elementary

Robyn Bondurant - Central Elementary 

Susan Knight - Dillard Elementary

Signey Holley - Douglass Elementary

Amy Jamison - Draper Elementary

Elizabeth Smith-Ferris - Huntsville Elementary

Julie Dooley - Leaksville-Spray Elementary 

Rebecca Martin - Lincoln Elementary

Maureen Funkhouser - Monroeton Elementary

Jessica Flynt - New Vision Elementary

Holly Barrios - South End Elementary                                       

Molithia Spencer - Stoneville Elementary

Mary Lynn Boyd (retired)   Kelsey Heiney (reigning) - Wentworth Elementary

Amanda Cannon - Williamsburg Elementary



Middle Schools:

Elizabeth Leach - Holmes Middle

Manda Jackson - Reidsville Middle

Pamela Porter - Rockingham County Middle

Tiffany Finney - Western Rockingham Middle



High Schools:

Jennifer Flynt - McMichael High

Cheryl Yeatts - Morehead High

Vivian Moore - Reidsville High

Jason Turner - Rockingham County High

Stephanie Dickens - Rockingham Early College High



Alternative School:

Angela Boggs - The SCORE Center


Teachers of the Year are selected by their peers for the quality of their teaching, professional development, teaching philosophy and methods, community involvement, and contributions to education. A Central Office administrator committee will select finalists from the School-Based Teachers of the Year, one of whom will be chosen as the Rockingham County Schools’ TOY and will serve as a nominee for North Carolina Teacher of the Year.



The 2018-2019 Beginning Teacher of the Year are (please note not every school elected a Beginning Teacher of the Year):


Tina Frazier- Morehead High

Tracey Hooker- New Vision Elementary

Sarah Black-Rockingham County Middle

Mitsy Delpezzo- Stoneville Elementary

Carly Hutton- Western Rockingham Middle




The 2018-2019 Classified Employees of the Year are (please note not every school elected a Classified Employee of the Year):


Felicia Dunlap - Bethany Elementary

Edna Martin - Dillard Elementary

Howard Martin - Douglass Elementary

Katrina Parris - Draper Elementary

Nathanial Millner - Holmes Middle

Shana Lemons - Huntsville Elementary

George Wells - Leaksville-Spray Elementary

Yolanda McLaurin - Monroeton Elementary

Teresa Adams - New Vision Elementary

Bernice Motley - Reidsville Middle

Wendy Moore - Rockingham County Middle

Flossiea Macklin - The SCORE Center

Sherry Grogan - South End Elementary                                       

Robert Keck - Stoneville Elementary

Ronda Peoples - Wentworth Elementary

Shelby Goins - Western Rockingham Middle

Michelle Kennedy - Williamsburg Elementary