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Athletics: Team/Coach Information

Information on Sports Teams and coaches can be found here.  All athletes must meet athletic eligibility requirements and all students must have a current sports physical to participate.  Please email the specific coach regarding questions.
Athletic Director
Joe Walker, III
Coach Jimmy Teague
Next Touchdown club meeting  August 6 (7 pm in team room) 
Scrimmage: August 8 (home) vs Martinsville
Jamboree: August 10th  at RCHS  
Meet the team August 9th (7 pm)
Coach Delta Rankin
Cheer Jamboree is Aug 7th and Grasshopper / Newbridge Bank Stadium starting at 7pm (tickets are $5)
Football practice season starts Tuesday -Thursday August 14th 3:45 - 5:30pm 
Soccer (Men)
Coach Marc Tuttle
Conditioning practice begins: July 24 - 27 (8 - 10am)
Practice begins July 30
Jamboree on August 11 (TBA) 
Tennis (Women)
Coach Wayne Knight
Practice begins Monday, July 30th at Jaycee Park, from 6 to 7:30 pm
Volleyball (Women)
Coach Yolanda Stubblefield
Tryouts begins Monday August 7  Time 3:00 - 5:00pm (Old Gym) 
Basketball (Boys)
Coach Chris Carter
Basketball (Women)
Coach Casey Elrod
Coach Dennis Paschal
Coach Brian Knowles 
JV Baseball
Coach Marc Tuttle
Soccer (Women)
Coach Rob Joyce and Assistant Coach DeAnna Solomon
Softball (Women)
Coach Chris Smith and Assistant Coach Abby Settles
Tennis (Men)
Coach Wayne Knight
Cross Country (Men / Women)
Coach Robert Boudreaux
Coach TBD
Coach TBD