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Red Ribbon/Anti-Bullying Week

RED RIBBON/Anti-Bullying WEEK THEMES at Central Elementary

October 23-31, 2017


Mon., 10/23 will be: "Put a STOP to disrespect toward others and end BULLYING"

--wear RED

Tues., 10/24 will be:

“These PAWS Don’t Touch Drugs!”

--wear animal designs OR bring a small stuffed animal to sit on your desk today


Wed., 10/25 will be: "ORANGE you glad you can be BUDDY to you and your friends!"

--wear ORANGE for National Unity Day


Monday, 10/30 will be: “UNITED we stand AGAINST Drugs and Bullying

--wear RED/WHITE/BLUE flag colors


Tuesday, 10/31 will be:

"Real HEROES Don’t Do Drugs"

--wear a costume of your favorite HERO FIGURE