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Rockingham County Schools Dress Code

Dress Code

We ask our students to dress in an appropriate manner for school. Clean, neat, appropriate sized, comfortable clothing, which allows students to participate in all events of school without undue concern, will be most appropriate. Reasonable consideration will be made for those students who, because of sincerely held religious beliefs, cultural heritage, or medical reasons, request in writing to the school administrator a waiver of a particular guideline for dress or appearance. Decisions of this nature will be made by the school administrator.

• Clothing must be age appropriate, cannot be distracting, revealing, indecent, or vulgar. No short skirts or short shorts are allowed. Skirts and shorts must be mid-thigh.

• No headgear including but not limited to hats, caps, earmuffs, bandanas, hoods, sweatbands, or sunglasses will be worn inside of the school, unless prior approval has been obtained by administration.

• All tops must have a fitted arm opening. No spaghetti stringed tops are allowed. All tops must cover the waistband of the bottom garment. Upper garments must cover the midriff at all times.

• Leggings must be worn with a shirt no shorter than mid-thigh.

• Clothing will not be allowed which promotes alcoholic beverages, tobacco, the use of controlled substances, depicts violence, is of a sexual nature, is racially offensive, gang related, demeaning or degrading to a particular group or individual, or is disruptive in nature.

• Clothing is not to be sheer or of mesh material as to the reveal the body or undergarments.

• Any accessories or attire that has the potential to be used as a weapon is prohibited.

• All pants must be worn and fitted at the waist.

• No rips or tears of any nature above the mid-thigh.

• Sleepwear is not permitted, unless prior approval has been obtained by administration.

• Appropriate footwear should be worn at all times. Flip flops in the elementary school should not be worn for safety purposes.

• Jewelry or body piercings that poses a health risk, safety risk or is disruptive to the learning environment is prohibited.