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Curriculum and Standards

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RCS Mission

Through effective relationships with family and community partners, Rockingham County Schools will provide a safe, dynamic, nurturing, and innovative learning environment in which each child has the opportunity to reach his/her highest potential.

Curriculum and Instruction Mission

The Curriculum & Instruction division is committed to providing instructional support to all 22 schools.  Our mission is to increase student achievement through:

  • Purposeful & Collaborative Instructional Planning

  • High Quality Teaching and Learning

  • High Performing School Teams

  • Supporting Optimal Use of All Resources (Human, Technolical, Physical)

Academic Standards

North Carolina's Standard Course of Study defines the appropriate content standards for each grade level and each high school course to provide a uniform set of learning standards for every public school in North Carolina. These standards define what students know and should be able to do.

Based on a philosophy of teaching and learning that is consistent with current research, exemplary practices, and national standards, the Standard Course of Study is designed to support North Carolina educators in providing the most challenging education possible for the state’s students. The goal of these standards is to prepare all students to become career and college ready.

With these standards as the foundation, local school leaders make decisions about the comprehensive curriculum that they choose to deliver to students so that they can reach the content standards for every grade and subject. In addition, local schools and districts may offer electives and coursework that is above and beyond the NC Standard Course of Study's content standards. Classroom instruction is a partnership between the state, which sets content standards in the Standard Course of Study, and local educators who determine which curriculum materials they will use to deliver instruction to reach the standards.


Rockingham County Schools have a strong emphasis in reading.  These fundamental concepts are integrated in all core and co-curricular areas.  Math and science are taught using inquiry based instruction with hands-on activities for students.  In addition, we have a well-rounded Cultural Arts Program and Career and Technical Education Program for all students.

Furthermore our schools offer a wide variety of instructional and extracurricular programs to students.  In addition to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, students have the opportunity to enroll in electives to enrich their educational experience.​

North Carolina State Standards 


North Carolina Standards are a set of shared, Kindergarten through 12th grade national standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.  The standards will allow teachers to develop students’ understanding of the content on a deeper level by focusing on the most vital concepts. The standards also build in complexity from one grade level to the next.


North Carolina Essential Standards 


North Carolina Essential Standards are the content area standards developed specific to North Carolina. North Carolina has created Essential Standards for all other subject areas.  The Essential Standards are aligned Literacy Standards across all content areas including: 


  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Arts Education

  • Healthful Living

  • Instructional and Technology Skills

  • English Language Development

  • Career and Technical Education 

  • Guidance


For additional information regarding the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and Essential Standards please review the following links:



If you have questions regarding North Carolina Standard Course of Study Information, please contact your child’s teacher.

NC Standards
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