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On this page you will find a number of resources including RCS services, department information, community resources and more. Click on a thumbnail below for more information. You can also use the scrolling menu on the right side of the page to quickly scroll through the sections and easily navigate from the top and bottom of the page, it will move with the page.

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Pubic Information Office


Media Interview

Public Information Office

The Public Information Office would like to assist you as much as possible with your information and communication needs. Let’s make sure everyone has a chance to “come inside Rockingham County Schools!”

RCS Public Information Officer

Sean Gladieux

(336) 627-2602

The Public Information Office is responsible for keeping the community informed and involved in our schools. 


To do so, the PIO:

  • Maintains district web site.

  • Produces publications, including newsletters, school  brochures and the district Friday Highlights.

  • Coordinates media releases for local newspapers/TV/radio.

  • Serves as the media’s liaison with the district.

  • Compiles information and creates Rockingham County School’s annual report.


Community Links & Resources

Below are links to the local community provided here for easy reference.

Linked sites are not under the control of the school district, its agents or its employees.  The school district is not responsible for the contents of any linked site, any link contained in a linked site or any changes or updates to such sites.  The school district provides links as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of the site by the school district.


Rockingham County Resources:


City/Town Resources:


Other Resources:


Please Note:

The school district reserves the right to remove or restrict any links to sites containing inappropriate, obscene, sexually explicit or other material that is inconsistent with the mission of the school district or outside the scope of permissible uses as articulated in board policy 3225/7320, Internet and the Educational Program.

Community Resources
Vintage Comic Books

Material Distribution Request

Request to Distribute Materials or Advertise to

Rockingham County Schools Students

Rockingham County Schools strives to provide a learning environment free from disruption.  It is our goal to send home and/or make available to students and parents only that information which has been approved for display or distribution in accordance with policy IJK-Distribution of Materials to Students / Advertising in the schools.

Any person or organization wishing to distribute or display material on school property must submit a copy of the material to the Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services for approval ten (10) days in advance of desired distribution.  The following request form must be completed and attached.  If approved, the requesting party agrees to collate, prepare and bundle all materials as requested, and to deliver them to the Central Office for distribution. 

Per Policy: 5210 Distribution and Display of Non-School Material  Rockingham County Schools has selected Tuesday, March 12, 2024 as the spring date that Non-School Material will be allowed to be displayed and voluntarily selected by high school students. Any individual or organization wishing to distribute or display non-school publications or materials must submit for approval a copy of the publication or material to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support Services in advance of the selected day.  If interested, please contact Jessica Isley, or 336-627-2689. Only those materials that meet the criteria per the Policy 5210 will be allowed to display or distribute in the four traditional high schools, the Early College at RCC or at Booker T. Washington School. Click here for the application to request to distribute or display non-school publications or materials. 





Approval or non-approval of requests will be determined within three (3) working days, and attempts to notify the requesting party will be made at the number given on the request form.

Material Distribution Request
Female College Students

Notice of Nondiscrimination

The Rockingham County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, homelessness or otherwise in its educational programs and activities and in employment.  The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

Title VI and ADA Coordinator

Dr. Pam Watkins - Director of Exceptional Children's Program
Email:  W: (336) 627-2715

Age Discrimination Coordinator

Mr. James D. Richardson-  Director of Human Resources Department

Email:  W: (336) 627-2672

Title IX & Boy Scouts & Other Non-discrimination Laws

Dr. Cindy Corcoran - Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services

Email: W: (336) 627-2688

Section 504

Amy Wilson - MTSS, 504, EC Curriculum Coordinator

Email:  W: (336) 627-2662

Career & Technical Education

Dr. Charles Perkins- Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction



Title IX Information


Through the US Department of Education new information around Title IX has been provided to assist school districts in working with students or parents/guardians in the area of sexual harassment.


Sexual Harassment has been defined as:


---Unwelcome conduct determined by a reasonable person to be so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a person equal access to the institution’s education program or activity.


---Unwelcome conduct determined by a reasonable person can include sexual assault, dating violence, domestic or stalking as defined by the law.


A person may report sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, at any time (including during non-business hours) by using the telephone number or email address or by mail to the office address listed for the Title IX Coordinator.


The Title IX Coordinator for Rockingham County Schools is Dr. Cindy A. Corcoran, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Support Services. If an incident involving sexual harassment cannot be resolved at the school level, a parent or student may contact Dr. Corcoran. Her office is located at 511 Harrington Hwy, Eden, NC 27288. She can also be reached through email: or by phone at 336-627-2689.


Rockingham County Schools also provides a number of policies around the concern of sexual harassment. This information can be found at The information for Board Policies related to Title IX are as follows: Policy Code 1725/4035/7236 Title IX Sexual Harassment - Prohibited Conduct and Reporting Process; Regulation Code 1725/4035/7236 R – Title IX Sexual Harassment Definition; Policy Code 1725/4035/7236 Sexual Harassment – Prohibited Conduct and Reporting Process; Regulation Code 1726/4036/7237 – R – Informal Resolution Process.


Dr. Corcoran provides staff a yearly update of their responsibilities through a series of modules on Public School Works. Additionally she has trained the administrators on the Title IX laws and policies as well as the investigative/reporting process through a series of videos from Campbell Shatley PLLC. Click the links below to learn more about this training:

RCS Title IX Training Fall 2022 (PDF Version)

RCS Title IX Training Fall 2022 (Google Drive)

Notice of Nondiscrimination
School Supply

The Rock Shop

A Teacher Warehouse

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, a collaborative effort began. The idea for a teacher supply warehouse was born in Rockingham Leadership Academy. In July of 2016, Rockingham County Schools and Rockingham County Education Foundation joined forces with Johnson Control in efforts to support the start up of this project. click here to view the PowerPoint showing the vision and intent for this project.

Each year before the beginning of school, Johnson Control along with Rockingham County Schools collects school supplies through a "Stuff the Bus" campaign. A bus is parked at each Walmart location in the county as a collection site for two consecutive days. This community based project has been hugely successful due to your support. The donated school supplies are used to help teachers supply their classes with materials that students may need on a daily basis.  


We keep an organized list of the most used student supplies. Please click here to view the most requested supply items.  In addition to new supplies, if you have gently used children's books, office supplies, copy paper or other items that you are willing to donate to the warehouse, we'd be happy to accept them.  Please contact Angela Martin at to arrange a drop off time.  


In addition to items, monetary donations are always welcome. The Rockingham County Education Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has agreed to manage donations for this project.   Please mail donations/checks to: 


The Rockingham County Education Foundation

124 South Scales Street, Reidsville, N.C. 27320


Designate on the check that the funds are for the RCS-The Rock Shop.  All dollars donated will go towards the Teacher Supply Warehouse- or as we have named it "The Rock Shop!" 


Thank you Rockingham County for your support.....YOU ROCK!

Ordering from the Rock Shop

The Rock Shop now operates from our four traditional high schools.  Each high school, serves as a distribution hub to the feeder schools in their zone. The supplies they use are from our annual Stuff the Bus event and are free to teachers.  Beginning teachers are given first priority before orders are filled countywide. As orders are filled, students filling orders will only send the number listed as a maximum order and will indicate on the form if items are "out of stock."  Orders will not be "back ordered," instead you may fill out another order later to see if items have been restocked.  

The Rock Shop


Serving the following schools

Bethany Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Wentworth Elementary

Rockingham Middle

Rockingham Early College High

Rockingham High School



Serving the following schools

Dillard Academy

Stoneville Elementary

Huntsville Elementary

Western Rockingham Middle

Dalton McMichael High



Serving the following schools

Central Elementary

Leaksville-Spray Elementary l

Douglass Elementary

Holmes Middle

John Motley Morehead High



Serving the following schools

Williamsburg Elementary

South End Elementary

Monroeton Elementary

Moss Street

Reidsville Middle

Reidsville High

Student Looking at Building

Dropout Prevention

Having site-based Drop Out Prevention staff allows RCS to focus on building relationships with students while helping them overcome barriers to academic success.


The primary focus is on prevention, intervention and recovery. RCS are committed to accomplishing the district's goal of increasing the number of students that graduate in four years.

Rockingham County Schools (RCS) employs Drop Out Prevention (DOP) staff in each of the (4) middle schools and the six (6) high schools. The following are DOP's at each school:

  • Holmes Middle School - Kelly McCorkle

  • Rockingham County Middle School - Kathryn Madkour

  • Reidsville Middle School - David Edrington

  • Western Rock Middle School - Deborah Hooker

  • Morehead High School - Nikeita McDonald

  • Dalton McMichael High School - Randel Galloway

  • Rockingham County High School - Misty Attaway

  • Reidsville High School - Kourtland Stokes

  • Rockingham Early College High School - Julia Tatum

  • Booker T. Washington Learning Center (SCORE) - Ashley Doss

School Drop-Out Prevention staff report directly to their school administrator and work in collaboration with their school's Powerschool Data Manager, School Social Worker, School Counselors, School Nurses, Student Health Centers, College Advisors, GEAR UP Staff (if present at that school) and the school administration to provide the following services:

  • Assessing student needs; 

  • Assisting in the identification of students with special needs;

  • Coordinating services for families and students;

  • Helping students develop appropriate social skills and improved self-concept;

  • Helping to identify a student's strengths;

  • Helping and resolving barriers to education;

  • Intervening in situations involving family dysfunction;

  • Meeting with students individually and in groups;

  • Networking with community agencies and identifying resources;

  • Participating in intervention teams;

  • Providing consultation and program coordination;

  • Providing outreach to parents;

  • Providing and attending staff development;

  • Serving as an advocate for the child's educational needs;

  • Participates in activities that promote good relationships through PBIS such as Check-In, Check-Out; and

  • Works with school data managers to ensure that Drop Out Verification Forms are accurate for their school.


For more information about the function and duties of Drop Out Prevention Staff, you may contact the office of Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Cindy Corcoran at 336-627-2688.

Links & Resources

Click on the links below to view

RCS Board Policies on Attendance

Attendance Works

North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Laws

Information About Chronic Absenteeism

Dropout Prevention

DOP Name

Kelly McCorkle

Kathryn Madkour

David Edrington

Deborah (Kay) Hooker

Misty Attaway

Randel Galloway

Nikeita McDonald

Kourtland Stokes

Julia Tatum


Holmes Middle

Rockingham Middle

Reidsville Middle

Western Rock Middle

Rockingham High

Dalton McMichael High

Morehead High

Reidsville High

Early College High











McKinney-Vento Homeless Act
Mobile Phone

McKinney-Vento Homeless Act

The McKinney-Vento Definition of Homeless:

Section 725(2) of the McKinney-Vento Act defines "homeless children and youths" as individuals who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence.


McKinney Vento Number of identified students-




The term includes

  • Children and youths who are:

    • Sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship or a similar reason (sometimes referred to as "doubled-up")

    • Living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camping grounds due to lack of alternative adequate accommodations;

    • Living in emergency or transitional shelters; or

    • Abandoned in hospitals;


  • Children and youths who have a primary residence that is public or private place not designed for or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings;


  • Children and youths who are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings; and


  • Migratory children who qualify as homeless because they are living in circumstances described above.


Rights of Parents and Unaccompanied Youth

Children and youth experiencing homelessness have the right to:

  • Receive a free, appropriate public education.

  • Enroll in school immediately, even if lacking documents normally required for enrollment.

  • Enroll in school and attend classes while the school gathers needed documents.

  • Enroll in the local school near where they're living or continue attending th school or origin (the school the child attended when permanently housed or in which the child was last, enrolled) if that is your preference and is in the child's best interest.  If the school district believes the school you select is not in the best interest of your child, then the district must provide you with a written explanation of its position and offer you the opportunity to appeal its decision.

  • Receive transportation to and from the school of origin, if requested by the parent, guardian, or unaccompanied youth.

  • Receive educational services comparable to those provided to other students, according to the student's need.

Additional information may be found at North Carolina Homeless Education Program website.


Student in Transition Form

Procedures for Enrolling Students in Transition

Dispute Resolution Process Notice 1

Dispute Resolution Process Notice 2 

Dispute Resolution Process  Form 1 School Level

Dispute Resolution Process Form 2 District Level 

Rockingham County Schools identified 123 homeless students in 2017-2018.


RCS Staff and Support

State Coordinator - Lisa Phillips, 336-315-7491

District Homeless Liaison - Amanda Vernon, 336-627-2661

District Homeless Liaison Assistant -  James Tharrington, Jr,   336-634-3209


School Social Workers:

Social Worker Name


Susan Long


Christie Ore



Mary Ann Boykin



Chevonna Warren


Erin Southard



Tenna Wyatt



Iyanna Roach


Lisa Barnett

Schools (* indicates base)


Rockingham County Middle

Rockingham Early College

Booker T. Washington Learning Center

Western Rockingham Middle

McMichael High School


Holmes Middle School

Morehead High School

South End Elementary

Reidsville Middle

South End Elementary



Bethany Elementary

Douglass Elementary

Rockingham County High


Huntsville Elementary

Stoneville Elementary

Dillard Academy

Reidsville Middle

Monroeton Elementary

Wentworth Elementary

Williamsburg Elementary

Moss Street Elementary

Reidsville High School

Leaksville-Spray Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Central Elementary School

School Phones


(336) 616-0073




















Email Address

Psychological Services

Psychological Services

There are nine school psychologists employed by the Rockingham County Schools. Each school psychologist usually serves three schools and spends time each week at each school. They use their training and skills to team with educators, parents, and students to create safe, healthy learning environments for all students, addressing issues such as learning difficulties, behavior problems, social skills, school safety, crisis prevention and intervention, emotional health, and adjustment issues.


Some of the services that school psychologists provide may include the following:


  • Provide comprehensive psycho-educational assessment and interpretive services;

  • Collaborate with teachers and parents regarding learning, social, and behavioral issues;

  • Promote tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diversity within the school community;   

  • Address problems related to learning;

  • Assist with behavioral interventions;

  • Provide counseling to help resolve conflicts and problems in adjustment;

  • Help others better understand child development and its relationship to learning and  behavior; and

  • Help schools prepare for and deal with crisis situations.


In the challenging world of today, school psychologists contribute much to school improvements, safety, early intervention, and appropriate educational programming.

Rockingham County School Psychologist Directory
In general, each school psychologist serves up to four schools, one of which is the base school site.

Psychologist Name


Lakin Horsley


Meagon Morrow



Marissa Casper



Rich Crowder



Holli Farr (Lead)



Michelle Knight



Diane Betsworth

Schools (* indicates base)


Central Elementary *, Rockingham County High, Reidsville Middle

Bethany Elementary *, Western Rock Middle, McMichael High, Holmes Middle 


Douglass Elementary *, Rockingham County Middle, Dillard Academy, Williamsburg Elementary


Lincoln Elementary* Huntsville Elementary, South End Elementary, Morehead High School

SCORE Center/Booker T. Washington Learning Center*, Monroeton Elementary

Wentworth Elementary *, Leaksville-Spray Elementary, Rockingham Early College High, Reidsville High

 Stoneville Elementary*

Email Address

School Phones


















Girl with Teacher

School Counselors

School counselors provide a myriad of services to students, parents, and staff.  They focus on removing the social, emotional or other barriers that hinder learning and interfere with student success.  Their primary goal is to help all students develop skills in the area of personal and social growth, educational planning, and career and vocational development.  Each elementary and middle school is served by one school counselor, while high schools have two counselors and a drop-out prevention coordinator at each site. RCS Early College has one counselor and SCORE (the alternative school) also has one counselor. 

Duties and responsibilities include: 

  • Providing individual and group counseling services to meet the developmental, social, emotional, and educational needs of students as well as career/vocational aspirations.

  • Consulting with students, parents, teachers, and other school and community personnel to assist in evaluating and meeting the academic needs of students.

  • Adhering to ethical standards of the counseling profession, and abiding by the laws, policies, and procedures that govern the schools.  The counselor also participates in professional associations and professional development to keep knowledge and skills current. 

  • Coordinating all counseling services and community-based projects for students and assisting with the coordination and implementation of student services within the school.

  • Serving on (or chairing) the Student Services Management Team, School Improvement Team and other leadership teams. 

  • May serve as school test coordinator when appointed by the school principal. A School Testing Coordinator may coordinate the testing schedule, secure test materials, assign administrators and proctors, train staff, and create sections for students with accommodations. 

  • Accurately interpreting test results and other student data.  The counselor also assists teachers with the educational placement of students by using appropriate educational assessment strategies.

  • Establishing a comprehensive school counseling program and developing activities and resources to implement and evaluate the program.  The school counselor involves other school staff in making decisions about the counseling program. 


For a comprehensive look at the Instructional Support Services Department and it's mission and vision, please click on Instructional Support Services.


Dr. Cindy A. Corcoran,

Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services 

(336) 627-2688

School Counselors
Bullying & Social Conflict
Character Education Programs


As we work toward helping every student become proficient in reading and math, we must also address those issues that may impede students' ability to learn. Bullying and social conflict are often barriers to learning.  It is one of the priorities of the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and Rockingham County Schools to ensure that schools are safe, orderly and caring communities where all students have every opportunity to learn and to develop character traits that will enable them to become productive members of society. Students who lack pro-social skills make poor choices resulting in consequences that impact their learning. Just as students are taught to add, subtract, and read, they must be taught to empathize, manage their emotions, control their impulses, and solve problems effectively and appropriately. As we increase the awareness  and prevention of bullying and other inappropriate social behaviors through ongoing training of staff, students, and families, our students ultimately benefit.

When the North Carolina State Legislature passed into law the Student Citizen Act of 2001 (SL 2001-363), the state of North Carolina affirmed that the development of character in our children is the cornerstone of education. This Act requires every local board of education to develop and implement character education instruction, with input from the local community.


How Does RCS Address Character Education?

Character Education and Bullying Prevention are incorporated throughout the school day in all schools in Rockingham County. For instance, through PBIS, all students are taught how their behavior relates to the positive character traits that each school has selected for their PBIS expectations (for example, Be Respectful, Remember Kindness, Accept Responsibility, etc.).  These character traits are emphasized by all staff and throughout all common areas of the school and repeated throughout the school year with specific emphasis on how to get along with and treat others. Counselors incorporate character education, conflict resolution, bullying prevention, and social skills activities with students through classroom guidance lessons and small group counseling. Character education, communication skills, and bullying prevention are also incorporated in the Healthful Living and Social Studies curricula (see links below), and are also incorporated into art, literature, and other subject areas.   School-wide clubs and activities, such as Rachel’s Challenge, various service projects, peer mentoring, and school-wide monthly character trait activities emphasize the importance of positive character throughout the school community. Click on Character Education Updates for more information.


DPI Guidance Standards

DPI Healthful Living Standards

DPI Social Studies Standards


Policy Statement Regarding Bullying

Rockingham County Schools is opposed to bullying. Bullying is behavior by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally inflicts suffering on another individual or group. Bullying is wrong and damages children. It can include intentional hurt to others, can be physical or emotional, and is often motivated by prejudice against particular groups.

Rockingham County Schools recognizes the seriousness of bullying in causing psychological damage and even suicide. For this reason we seek to promote good behavior in all that the students do, rather than merely deter anti-social behavior. It is recognized that no school is likely to be completely free from incidents of bullying from time to time but the schools regard bullying as particularly serious and firm action will always be taken against it. In cases of severe and persistent bullying the more serious disciplinary sanctions as outlined in the Disciplinary Regulation Reference Guide may be imposed by the school. The school district has several policies around bullying that apply to all members of our school community.

Several Board Policies address bullying and harassment. It is important to read and know what each policy addresses and to understand the role of the RCS employee as it relates to their responsibilities in investigating acts of bullying or harassment.  RCS School Board policies are aligned with relevant legislation and governmental guidance.

  • 4329/7311 - Bullying and Harassment Behavior Prohibited

  • 1720/4020/7230 - Discrimination and Harassment Prohibited by Federal Law

  • 1730/4022/7231 - Nondiscrimination On the Basis of Disabilities

  • 4300 - Student Behavior Policies and Code of Student Conduct

Rockingham County is fully committed to ensuring that the application of this policy is non-discriminatory. Further details are available in the school’s Equal Opportunity Policy document. Rockingham County Schools seeks to implement this policy through adherence to the procedures set out in the rest of this document. Below is the Anti-Bullying Brochure for the district.

Police Station 1

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program places a sworn law enforcement officer in each middle, high and alternative school on a full time basis.  The School Resource Officer (SRO) does not function as a school disciplinarian, but as a law enforcement officer, instructor, and counselor.

The SRO is expected to prevent crime and to act on any information involving pre-delinquent or criminal activity on school property. 

The SRO coordinates with area law enforcement agencies, the Department of Social Services, juvenile court authorities, and the District Attorney’s office, as well as the school system, to determine the best solution for the problem at hand. The SRO is also available to go inside the classroom and instruct on subjects pertaining to criminal laws, law enforcement careers, and alternatives to criminal activity.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding SRO's, please contact Director of Safety, Sean Gladieux,  

School Resource Officer
Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

School Social Worker

The school social worker works cooperatively with school personnel and community resources to meet the individual needs of students and their families in order to provide the opportunity for success for all students.  There are four school social workers serving the 22 schools within our district. 

Services provided by the school social worker may include the areas of: 

  • Attendance monitoring

  • Mediation/District Attorney and Juvenile Court referrals or petitions

  • Excessive tardies                                          

  • Parent/Teacher conferences

  • Parent contacts-phone calls/letters

  • Individual and group activities

  • Home visits                                                         

  • Forms/Releases

  • Academics/Homework/Make-up work counseling                 

  • Community resources referral/liaison

  • Clothing needs                                              

  • Hygiene/Health Education

  • Intake staffing at SCORE

  • Transitions for homeless students and families

  • Participation in MTSS teams

  • Student advocacy

  • Other duties as assigned


Dr. Cindy A. Corcoran,

Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Support Services 


Amanda Vernon
Support Services Coordinator


Below you can find the names of school social workers, their home base school and their contact information.

*Denotes the homebased school.

Social Worker Name


*Susan Long


*Christie Ore

*Mary Ann Boykin

*Chevonna Warren

*Erin Southard

*Tenna Wyatt

*Iyanna Roach

Lisa Barnett

Base School*/Schools Served



Holmes*, MHS, South End


Huntsville*, Stoneville, Dillard, RMS

Wentworth*, Williamsburg, Monroeton

Moss St*, RHS

Leaksville-Spray, Douglass, Lincoln, Central*











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