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On this page you will find a number of resources meant for internal RCS use.

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Exceptional Children Staff

This link will be kept current with information targeted for EC staff although other staff and public are welcome to view information in this site. 


This Organizational Chart provides you with an understanding of how the infrastructure of the department as it currently functions. The link under “Services” is targeted for parents and public providing general information about special education services and useful links.

Teacher & Staff Resources

Below you can find information on a variety of resources such as grant information, staff forms, powerschool login and more.

RCS Pacing Guides

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TACS - Timesheets

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Grant Information

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Helpful Forms and Links

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Administrator Forms/Resources

Maintenance Work Orders

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Professional Development

Professional development is a continuous process of individual and collective reflection and improvement of practice. Rockingham County Schools values our teaching staff.  We strive to provide opportunities that are job-embedded and prepare our teachers to use current instructional tools.  We believe that continuous, high-quality professional development is essential to the nation's goal of high standards of learning for every child.

Please click on the button below to navigate to our Professional Development page and detailed information regarding In District and Out of District Professional Learning Options.


Finance Department

Access important payroll forms, salary schedules, health benefit information, finance forms, RCS budgets and more in one convenient place.

Human Resources

Access important employee forms, National Board information, new teacher and mentor resources, administrator forms and more.



Welcome to the RCS Testing Department!  Please click the button below to navigate to our Testing Dept. section for detailed information regarding assessments, calendars, newsletters & more!  


Teacher Resources - AIG

AIG Teacher Certification


There are two ways a teacher who holds a clear initial license can obtain the AIG add-on licensure: 


In North Carolina, a teacher can earn an add-on AIG license through an accredited Institute of Higher Education. Programs are generally 12 semester hours of credit; some offer graduate programs.


The colleges/universities that offer AIG licensure coursework have had their programs approved by DPI. Each of them has a minimum of 4 courses required for the licensure. Each university sets their own tuition rate.The following link provides a listing of the colleges and universities that offers an AIG add-on licensure and/or Masters in Gifted Education. 

Colleges/Universities offering AIG licensure programs/Masters

An alternative to completing course work is, a teacher can take and pass the Praxis Exam (5258) for Gifted Education.

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy


https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/blooms-taxonomy/ - Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University, This site provides an overview of the revised taxonomy as compared to the original taxonomy.


Bloom's Taxonomy Posters - These posters can be used as a classroom display or as anchor charts for students to determine level of questions.

Resources for Revised Bloom's Taxonomy


http://www.celt.iastate.edu/teaching/RevisedBlooms1.html - Contains a great graphic for RBT.


http://www.kurwongbss.eq.edu.au/thinking/Bloom/blooms.htm - - One of the best sites I've previewed concerning RBT.


http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom's+Digital+Taxonomy --- An excellent site if you're looking to tie key action verbs to digital approaches and tools. This page looks at some specific examples of tools (This is mainly PC based) and attempts to match them to Blooms Digital Taxonomy. 


http://www.techlearning.com/article/8670 ---This site includes digital verbs for each cognitive category.


http://dorchester.schoolfusion.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/478113/File/Standards/k-5/Math%20Revised%20Bloom.pdf?sessionid=e8fded06014060fcd5bd3fcda97e404b - This is a PDF containing tables for both dimensions of RBT and a matrix that is beneficial to teachers when analyzing their instruction for standards alignment, assessment, and higher order thinking skills. ---This is the html version containing question stems for the RBT.



http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/4719 -- From LEARNNC - contains an excellent activity utilizing the different levels of the original Blooms (can be easily modified for RBT). 


http://www.weac.org/news_and_publications/education_news/2007-2008/readiingroom_modeling.aspx -- contains a self-questioning chart for students.


http://blogs.wsd1.org/lwict/files/blooms-digital-handouts-1-2.pdf - a nice handout for








Interview transcript  - Part I of a podcast with Dr. Lorin Anderson at NCDPI



Interview transcript  - Part II of a podcast with Dr. Lorin Anderson at NCDPI



http://www.ncpublicschools.org/acre/standards/ - North Carolina Essential Standards


http://www.byrdseed.com/differentiator/ --- an interactive site for writing objectives using RBT.




Science examples at the high school level.



Google Apps to support Revised Bloom's Taxonomy







A useful website that has a list of possible products, etc.



Click on the boxes for descriptions and examples.





Contains rubrics for RBT





A great printable matrix



Great in-depth website that covers both the knowledge and cognitive dimension



A website that has several graphics/posters (tree, umbrella, pinwheel) depicting Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. It has a list of the digital tools that can be used for each of the six cognitive categories.



A website with an extensive overview of the original Bloom's Taxonomy as well as a well developed page of the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. The tabs at the top of the website are useful in navigating the website.



Storybird is a simple and EASY digital storytelling tool. This link takes the viewer to a short and simple story about the six cognitive processes of the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. Great for introducing the idea of Blooms Taxonomy to children.



Contains some good ideas for each cognitive category. Most appropriate for middle and high school and some upper elementary.



A fun online flipbook integrating Multiple Intelligences, Blooms Taxonomy, and Web Tools using Flipsnack. You can create your own flipbook and it's free.



Great prezi that reviews and introduces the changes in Blooms and the use of web 2.0 tools.



 The site has a powerpoint and Word resources including a planning sheet, question stems, etc.



Bloom's and Costa's levels of questioning



 Contains interactive resources



You Tube clip - Star Wars and Bloom's Taxonomy Revised



 Includes various types of wheels focusing on Bloom's (original and revised)






http://www.amazon.com/Taxonomy-Learning-Teaching-Assessing-Educational/dp/080131903X  --- A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Abridged Edition (Paperback)  $42.39


http://www.american-classroom-supply.com/ep-729.html --- Quick Flip Questions for the RBT. An excellent resource.  $3.99


http://www.rfwp.com/2432.htm -- A classroom wall poster (2 ft x 3 ft) of RBT.

Online price - $10.


http://www.mentoringminds.com/store/Critical-Thinking/Critical-Thinking-Wheel/45      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


1 - 10    $8.95 each

11 - 20  $7.95 each

21+       $6.95 each

The Critical Thinking Wheel has six windows on each side. On one side are the Power Words and in each of the six windows are questioning prompts, definitions, and  teacher expectations for the lower levels of thinking skills. On the other side are Power Words and in the six windows are higher levels of questioning prompts, definitions, and teacher expectations.


  • A variety of questions are suggested for each level of thinking

  • Suggestions for the teacher are provided at each level of thinking

  • A definition for each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is given

  • Power Words are provided to design activities or products

  • Questions are open-ended so that any subject matter content is appropriate

  • The wheel fits any grade, any student, and any content due to the product flexibility

  • Actual size: 8" x 9.25"



Language Arts


NCSLMA - Battle of the Books - This site will lead you to the battle of the books list for each competition level. 






Mathwire - http://mathwire.com/index.html  Mathwire.com is designed to provide activities and appropriate worksheets for teachers to use in their classrooms.   All activities and worksheets support the constructivist approach to learning mathematics and the NCTM Standards.


High School:

BrightStorm -  http://www.brightstorm.com/math   Math Teaching Videos:  This site contains over 2000 free teaching videos on topics from Algebra I through Calculus.


High School/Middle School:

MathTV  http://www.mathtv.com/ More Math Teaching Videos:  This site also contains free teaching videos on topics from Basic Math through Calculus.


Yummy Math - One of the best websites for real-world applications that I have seen - http://www.yummymath.com/index.php


Yummy Math is a website designed for the purpose of sharing mathematics problems and scenarios based on things happening in the world today. For example, the activity for December 4th was based on Lebron James's return to Cleveland. Yummy Math lists activities chronologically as well as by mathematics subject area. Two mathematics teachers, Brian Marks and Leslie Lewis, developed Yummy Math and welcome suggestions from other mathematics teachers.


Plus Magazine - http://plus.maths.org/content/ Plus Magazine is a free online publication dedicated to introducing readers to practical applications of mathematics. Plus Magazine strives to reach that goal through the publication of mathematics-related news articles, podcasts, and mathematics puzzles designed around "real-life" scenarios.


http://algebra.mrmeyer.com/ Dan Meyer published his entire 38 week Algebra curriculum complete with slides, handouts, and just about everything you need in order to deliver the lessons. You can download each week individually or download the entire collection as one file.


http://geometry.mrmeyer.com/ Dan Meyer also has his entire 38 week Geometry curriculum available for free. Again, you can download each week individually or download the entire collection as one file.

Math Live - Math Live is a neat mathematics website developed by Learn Alberta. Math Live presents students with animated stories that teach mathematics lessons. In all there are twenty-three lessons for elementary school and middle school students. The lessons are divided into four categories; Number, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space, Statistics and Probability. Each animated lesson is accompanied by a mathematics worksheet that students complete either while watching the lesson or after viewing the lesson. Each lesson is divided into sections and students can advance or rewind as needed.


Ten Marks - Ten Marks, an online mathematics tutoring service, offers a free program for teachers. Ten Marks for educators is designed to be a supplement to classroom instruction, not a replacement for it.
Ten Marks provides educators with an online forum in which they can assign mathematics practice problems to students and track their students' progress. If a student gets stuck on a problem he or she can open a tutorial to help him or her through the problem. Ten Marks provides teachers with the option to CC parents on the assignments sent to students. The online curriculum provided by Ten Marks can be aligned to the state standards a teacher chooses. http://www.tenmarks.com/tmother/teacher-index


Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs - http://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-Pi-by-Throwing-Frozen-Hot-Dogs


Math has never been more fun! This site features the steps for a Monte Carlo Simulation that uses random numbers to solve a problem. Students throw frozen hot dogs and measure the number of times they cross lines that have been placed down beforehand. Once students are finished throwing the hot dogs, they then multiply the number of tosses by two divided by the number of crosses on the lines and they will have an approximation of pi! The site contains specific details for conducting this experiment.




The Smithsonian for Students - http://smithsonianeducation.org/students


If the movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian whetted your appetite to learn more about the Smithsonian Museum collection, then this site will get you even more excited about the museum's 142 million objects, including everything from fossils to tapestries. On this site you will find profiles of our nation's presidents, a "Walking on the Moon" Apollo 11 mission page, and some of the Smithsonian's collections as well as tips for starting your own collection. The Secrets of the Smithsonian features behind-the-scenes secrets such as the history of the Hope Diamond and even spiders in space!




BrightStorm - http://www.brightstorm.com/science   Science Teaching Videos:  This site contains hundreds of free teaching videos on topics in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


http://www.sciencebuddies.org/   This website will help students learn how to do a science experiment and to find many ideas for science experiments. All of the science experiments are rated on a scale of 1-10 according to difficulty. Resources for teachers and parents are available.




Winter Olympics


http://www.teach-nology.com/themes/seasons/winoly/  LOTS of information and activities on the Olympics, including clipart, history, hands on activities, vocabulary,interactive sites for students, lesson plans, webquests, etc.


http://www.nbclearn.com/olympics  Most appropriate for grades 6-12, but can be used with 4th/5th gifted students. This site is a great way to have science integration. short videos on the science involved with 16 major events of the winter olympics. NBC Learn interviews athletes, coaches, and scientists in this original 16-part series, and unravels the physics, biology, chemistry, and materials engineering behind the Olympic Winter Games. The Science of the Olympic Winter Games is made possible through a partnership with the National Science Foundation.


Sports Science - http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/sportscience/index  The Emmy Award-winning TV series, hosted by John Brenkus, uncovers sports' biggest myths and mysteries by using cutting-edge technology to measure momentum, friction and the laws of gravity. Great tie-in with math.


Teacher Resources - STEM

NASA Explorer School Project

NASA Explorer Schools invests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM educators to inspire and engage future scientists, engineers and technicians that NASA needs to continue our journey. 

NES gives educators of grades 4-12 access to NASA’s people, missions, research and facilities. We have assembled a comprehensive set of NASA’s free classroom materials to help you teach dozens of STEM concepts. 

To access the Virtual Campus you must register to become a NASA Explorer School participant. Participation in NES gives you free access to: 

NASA Now Classroom Videos
Six to seven minute video programs featuring NASA careers and STEM concepts connected to real-world missions and projects.

A searchable lesson library linking the subjects you teach to NASA’s innovative research and scientific discoveries.

Professional Development
Training materials and live Web seminars to help you implement NASA lessons into your classroom.

Live Help Desk
Telephone and email support to help you find what you need.


The Engineer Girl


Discovery Education

Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small, rural and suburban and everything in between.

Accelerate student achievement in your district by capturing the minds and imaginations of students with the fascination of Discovery, tapping into student's natural curiosity and desire to learn. Discovery Education offers a portfolio of opportunities for districts to meet students where they want to learn in the digital age. With award- winning digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessment, virtual experiences with some of Discovery's greatest talent, classroom contest & challenges, professional development and more - Discovery is leading the way in transforming classrooms and inspiring learning. http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education

CIESE sponsors and designs interdisciplinary projects that teachers throughout the world can use to enhance their curriculum through compelling use of the Internet. We focus on projects that utilize real time data available from the Internet, andcollaborative projects that utilize the Internet's potential to reach peers and experts around the world. Below is a catalog of projects that are currently being or have been sponsored by CIESE . Each project has a brief description and links to the National Science Standards and NCTM math standards it supports. http://ciese.org/currichome.html

Welcome to TeachEngineering!

The TeachEngineering digital library provides teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers to use in science and math classrooms. Engineering lessons connect real-world experiences with curricular content already taught in K-12 classrooms. Mapped to educational content standards,TeachEngineering's comprehensive curricula are hands-on, inexpensive, and relevant to children's daily lives. http://www.teachengineering.org/