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Employment with RCS

Welcome to Rockingham County Schools! We are excited about your interest and desire to become a part of our educational community. You have truly taken the first steps to begin a successful career in a school system and community that you will be proud to call home! From outdoor recreation to indoor adventure, Rockingham County, North Carolina has it all. Get Outside...with 4 rivers, 3 lakes, 2 state parks, and miles of trails. Or Stay In...where shopping, entertainment, and dining opportunities abound. Learn more about our community at

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NC Teacher Licensure

RCS Incentives
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RCS Employee Incentives

The following is a list of incentives offered to RCS Employees.

Teacher Salary Supplement

Click here to view the benefit supplement schedule for RCS teachers. 


Principal Salary Supplement
Principals receive a salary supplement at the following rates:

  • Elementary -6.5%

  • Middle – 8%

  • High School- 13%

Signing Bonus
Beginning teachers in Rockingham County who are employed (to work full time for the entire year) to teach higher level Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language at the high school level and Exceptional Children’s teachers at all levels will receive a signing bonus of $2500.00. $700.00 is provided the first payday and the remaining amount spread over the next 9 months of employment with the district.  Contact Human Resources for details.


Tax Sheltered Annuities
Tax sheltered annuities are available for Rockingham County Schools’ employees.

Cafeteria Benefits Plan
Rockingham County Schools offers to all full-time employees a comprehensive Cafeteria Benefits Program. This program allows employees to save money for non-reimbursed medical expenses, day-care expenses, vision, dental and cancer expenses with pre-tax dollars.


Life Insurance
The Board of Education offers to all permanent, full-time employees a basic group life insurance of $8,000 upon employment. Employees may purchase additional coverage up to $250,000.00.

State Paid Health Insurance Plan
Through a plan paid for by the state, employees receive a health insurance plan. Family plans can be added at an additional cost to employees.

First-Year Teacher Orientation
Rockingham County Schools provides new teachers with assistance in preparing for the beginning of school with a three  day orientation process.

Mentor Program
Mentors are assigned to all novice teachers. Mentors provide help in all instructional areas.

North Carolina Retirement System
Each full-time employee is a member of one of the best retirement systems in the nation.

Wells Fargo Principal of the Year
Each year Wells Fargo honors the system’s “Principal of the Year.” This principal is chosen by his/her peers and represents the system in regional and state competition.

Teacher of the Year
Each year a “Teacher of the Year” is chosen to represent the system in regional and state competition. In 2003, one of our own, Allison Ormond, was chosen as North Carolina’s Teacher of the Year.


The Star Card is a year-round discount card made available to all employees and retirees of the Rockingham County Schools. Under this program, merchants and businesses offer a discount for products and services.

Businesses, county-wide, offer discounts ranging from 5%-20% off for goods and services for Rockingham County Schools’ employees. Click here to download a full lists of discounts and offerings.

We always welcome new business partnerships!  If your business is interested in becoming a Star Card Merchant, please complete the form, below.  If you have any questions contact Carolina Gutierrez at or by phone at 627.2678.   We look forward to hearing from you!


2018-2019 New Merchant Form

Teacher Residency Program

Teacher Residency Program

RCS and UNCG offer Teacher Residency Program

Please share this exciting news with anyone that has an interest in becoming a teacher.


Rockingham County Schools is partnering with UNCG to offer a Teacher Residency Program.  Please see the important details regarding this opportunity at the link below.

Piedmont Teacher Residency Program


Individuals selected must currently have an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.00.  Individuals will receive a $35,000 stipend to complete their Masters Degree over the course of 18 months.  In exchange, applicants agree to teach in Rockingham County for three years.  Opportunities exist for elementary and secondary content areas as well as Exceptional Children areas of study.  Individuals currently teaching are not eligible for this program, as this is a recruitment opportunity designed to recruit new teachers into the profession.


Please help us spread the word and recruit future potential teachers to Rockingham County!

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Charles Perkins at or call 336-627-2621, visit or contact Summer Foster at  


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