Womens Softball

Below is a list of available information on athletics at RCS as well as links to common forms and resources.

NCHSAA & RCS Coaching Requirements 

Purchase your tickets for RCS Middle and High School sporting events


This fall, Rockingham County Schools is utilizing Hometown Ticketing for middle and high school sporting events across the district. RCS will accept cash at the gate during the 2021-22 school year, but will require tickets to be purchased in advance via Hometown Ticketing, or at the gate via a credit or debit card, starting with the 2022-23 school year. Linked below are individual websites for purchasing tickets for various schools throughout the RCS district. 

McMichael High School

Morehead High School

Reidsville High School

Rockingham County High School

Holmes Middle School

Reidsville Middle School

Rockingham County Middle School

Western Rockingham Middle School

We look forward to a great year for our students! Thank you!

High School Athletics


Middle School Athletics


Athletic Insurance

Additional Resources



Cheerleading Safety Course – http://w

National Federations of High School – http://

Coaching Salary Schedule


Coaching Assignment Chart

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